Thursday, October 12, 2023

Why we abduct 90 Yauri students – Bandit Kingpin

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Dogo Gide, a notorious bandit kingpin, claims he led the kidnapping of students and teachers at the Federal Government College in Birnin Yauri, Kebbi State, to annoy the “government” for failing to uphold its end of a bargain they made.

Last year, the terrorists broke into the school and kidnapped around 90 students and teachers. Some victims managed to flee the camp, while the majority were saved by the Kebbi State Government.

Dogo Gide
Dogo Gode | Image: Premium Times

Speaking on the phone with Salim Kaoje, the representative for the parents and guardians of the FGC Yauri students, Mr. Gide, who has already married off the remaining 11 ladies in his camp, was said to have married Farida Kaoje, the sister of Mr. Kaoje.

The terrorist claimed that he kidnapped the students in order to slander the government, while explaining to Mr. Kaoje why he insisted on receiving the N100 million ransom.

After he played a crucial part in helping to free students who had been kidnapped at the Government Science College in Kagara, Niger State, he claimed that the “government” had deceived him.

When some “thieves” kidnapped students from Government Science College in Kagara, Mr. Gide said he assisted the “government” in exchange for the release of his fighters who had been detained.

Because none of his warriors were released following his assistance in securing the release of the students, he believed that he had been deceived.

According to a report by PREMIUM TIMES, Mr Gide said:

“You…you don’t know why I abducted these pupils. Let me even tell why I abducted them in the first place.

“I was told to get those from Kagara (Kagara pupils) and they would release my people that were arrested.

“I ordered that the Kagara pupils should be released, but after that they betrayed me and refused to release any of my people.

“They said I’m a Boko Haram member, which made me angry. I decided to arrest these people and said my people must be released before I release them (FGC Yauri pupils).”

Over the course of more than ten years, the security situation in the North-west and a portion of the North-central areas has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of individuals and the displacement of millions more.


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