Friday, October 13, 2023

Halima Muhammad: A Serial Entrepreneur Making Impacts on 3rd Sustainable Development

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Halima Iya Mohammad is an entrepreneur from Kebbi state, Nigeria with her Bachelor degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition from Fountain University Osogbo and a Master in food science and biotechnology from Teesside University, United Kingdom.

She happens to be a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses being a co-founder Halfash integrated farms limited, the first farm in north-west Nigeria to incorporate technology as well as greenhouse farming. She also happens to be the Founder of PERFECT FITNESS ZONE POPULARLY KNOWN AS PERFECTFITZONE.NG on Instagram a brand she started to help promote good health and wellbeing through incorporating healthy lifestyle and also contributing to the sustainable development goals 3, there by creating an environment where people are enlightened on how to live a healthy life as well as incorporate healthy eating habit to promote good health.

Halima Muhammad
Halima Muhammad | UGC

According to her, the increasing number of over weight and obese individuals in the community and the adverse negative effects this has on their health and wellbeing can’t be overemphasized. Being someone that was once overweight, which began to affect her health as she became hypertensive at age 16 due to her weight.

She also understands so many people are going through the same and not knowing what to do about it or how to go about it.

After so much research done, she realized that the only true way to lose and maintain a healthy weight is actually by incorporating meals you love and enjoy in your diet to meet both physical and nutritional requirement of an individual.

Hence, she incorporates her discovery on herself, and it worked and afterward she founded on Instagram to also help other people achieve a healthy lifestyle and weight through eating meals they love and enjoy.

And so far, she has been able to help hundreds of people achieve a healthier lifestyle. She went further to apply for the Ibikunle grant to enable her to help people who are in need of her services especially due to need to health reasons but can’t afford it the opportunity to access these services for free. Despite not getting the grant, she still went ahead to offer a free weight loss and healthy lifestyle coaching program to 20 people who were really in need of the support, helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle and improve their health overall

So we are using this opportunity to appreciate her for such an exemplary act towards humanity. Well done and keep scoring high.

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