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University Lecturers Expelled Over Sexual Misconduct

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The management of the University of Abuja, UNIABUJA has confirmed the sacking of two academic lecturers over sexual misconduct with students.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University Prof. Abdulrasheed Na’Allah has confirmed the news to the newsmen, indicating that the Academic staff have been dismissed over the illegal act.

University Lecturers Expelled Over Sexual Misconduct
University Lecturers Expelled Over Sexual Misconduct/Image//Punch

He also noted that the University management in its attempt to tackle the issue of sexual harassment, has created a channel for students to report any suspicious and weird behaviour by lecturers, and to report whether or not he is attending class.

In 2018, research has been made by World Bank Group’s Women, showing how female students are living with the case of harassment on campus. According to the report, 70 per cent of females graduating from Nigerian Universities are sexually harassed.

It also showed that most of the offenders are lecturers and classmates.

Similarly, in 2021, the Nigerian Senate approved a bill that any lecturer found guilty should be jailed to 21 years imprisonment. However, since then, the University does not hesitate to sack perpetrators.

Responding to newsmen on this challenge, the Vice-chancellor said “We expelled two members of the academic community. We collaborated with NGOs most of whom pursue sexual harassment matters.

“Recently, there was a major conference on campus where students came out to expose some of the things that have been happening on campus.

“Right now as I speak to you, every University of Abuja student can report or comment on a lecturer via their student portal. Every student has this. They can comment on whether a lecturer is doing well in class, does he attend class, so it’s not only sexual harassment alone.”

Accordingly, the school management vows to be extremist and shared surveillance among staff and students.

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