Thursday, October 12, 2023

OPSH Seize Over 1,000 Cattles in Plateau State

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A disciplinary committee in Plateau State responsible for peace and conflict resolutions known as Operations Save Haven (OPSH), has seized over 1, 000 cattles for grazing on farmlands in Mangu LGA.

The disciplinary action follows after series of insecurity challenges in the embattled region, which force the government to put Curfew in the region.

OPSH Seize Over 1,000 Cattles in Plateau State/image//Thetribune

In a statement released by the Media Officer of the group, Captain James Oya, the animals were seized after they were seen grazing on farmlands belonging to the residents of Dumunan Village, Bwai district of Mangu. They include a large number of cows, sheep and goats.

After a series of investigation made by military, the animals were believed to be from Bokkos and Barkin-ladi local government areas, and they’re detained by OPSH for a further investigation.

Accordingly, Senator Diket Plang, representing Plateau Central has urged the military personel to be extreme in their surveillance in the area of Mangu to avoid and prevent the area from further violence act.

The Senator showed his great concern for the region and condemned any criminal acts that will hinder the development of the region. He also added that destructions of farmland may traumatized the farmers, and the country as a whole.

Senator Diket also said that destructions of farmlands can lead to a serious conflict, not only limiting the region and may cause shortage of food to the entire region.

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