Our Stance

At News Brief Nigeria, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism and providing a vital public service through fair, accurate, and independent news reporting. Integrity, transparency and accountability form the foundation of our work.

Our Duty to Inform

We recognize that freedom of expression and access to information are fundamental human rights. Our duty is to seek and report the truth, acting as responsible watchdogs over public affairs and institutions. We aim to keep Nigerians informed about issues and events that impact their lives, hold leaders accountable, and give voice to underrepresented communities.

Our Commitment to Accuracy  

We understand that credibility is the currency of journalism. That’s why we strive for the highest levels of accuracy, fairness and integrity in our reporting. Our journalists adhere to strict editorial processes for verifying facts, sourcing, and corrections. We avoid false balance and give proportionate weight to viewpoints based on facts. When we make mistakes, we acknowledge and correct them in a clear, transparent and timely manner.

Truth Over Bias

Our allegiance is to the citizens of Nigeria, not any political or corporate interests. We report without fear or favor, free of influence from those we cover. Our journalists undergo training to recognize and overcome bias, and focus on informing rather than persuading. We clearly distinguish news from opinions, and diversify our sources to reflect a broad range of views.

Standing Against Injustice

While remaining nonpartisan, we believe journalism should concern itself with injustice, corruption, abuses of power and other societal ills. We use our platform to amplify marginalized voices, hold the powerful to account, challenge the status quo, and catalyze reforms for the greater good. We have zero tolerance for bribery or unethical practices.

Building Community

We want our journalism to inspire civic dialogue and engagement within communities. We publish thoughtful commentary, host public forums, and use social media to interact with our audience. We believe quality journalism fosters progress through the open exchange of information between an informed public, accountable leaders and responsive government.

Innovating for the Future

As technology transforms the information landscape, we evolve our products and practices to serve changing audience needs while preserving timeless journalistic values. We experiment with new storytelling formats and distribution models to make our journalism ubiquitous and accessible to all Nigerians across print, broadcast and digital media.

Empowering Our Profession

We invest in professional development to empower our journalists with skills in fact-checking, data analysis, investigative methods, ethics, personal safety and mental health. We advocate for press freedom and industry reforms to sustain quality journalism as a pillar of democracy. We work to make our newsroom more inclusive and representative of the diverse communities we serve.

By pursuing these principles, we strive to earn the public’s trust and fulfill our mission to equip Nigerians with the information they need to be engaged citizens, hold power to account, and advance reforms that move our country forward.