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Naira redesign: How to simply detect fake Naira notes

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After the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released the newly redesigned naira notes on December 15, Nigerians began to complain of fake notes in circulation.

However, the CBN ensured Nigerians that the new naira notes are protected by security features to enable easy recognition of genuine notes from fake ones, and they are also protected against photocopying.

The Central Bank stated that: “The distinguishing features that can be recognized by touch and visibility are the raised print, the security thread, and the watermark. Other areas, such as the portrait, lettering, and denominational numerals on the obverse and reverse of the notes, are embossed. The raised prints provide the tactility, while the security thread, which ordinarily looks broken but is not when held up against light, has “CBN” in small lettering printed on both sides of the notes.

“The Naira notes are also protected against photocopying. There are also features that are visible under ultraviolet light; for example, the serial number on each banknote is black but turns green under ultraviolet light.” also highlighted some key points that can help in detecting fake naira notes from a genuine one.

Look out for a slim strip

To identify whether the note is fake or genuine, look for a slim-like strip that runs from the top to the bottom. This strip or thread is always present in every real paper naira note. A fake note would never have this strip but can only have what may appear to look like it.

Look out for a gold foil

On the right-hand side of your note is a gold foil seal, right beside the signature of the CBN governor. You can test the authenticity of the note by attempting to peel the foil. If it does peel, that exposes the note to be fake because the real one doesn’t peel.

Check the paper texture

Banknotes are usually made from a unique type of paper, while counterfeits are made from ordinary paper. You can attempt this simple test. If you have a note that is already proven to be genuine, hold it in one hand and the questionable note in the other. The feel of the suspicious note is expected to be the same as the genuine note. But if not, then it betrays it as a fake.

Check the color quality

The drawings and colors on a genuine note are usually definite and precise, while those on a counterfeit note look blurry and botched, depending on the counterfeiter. In most cases, when held up to the light, you will notice that the ink spills out of the images.

Apply water or another liquid

When in doubt, immerse the note in water or petrol and wash it against your palm gently. If the note is fake, you will see the colors washing off, like the watercolor used by children. This only happens when dealing with a genuine note.

Using a mercury bulb

This is perhaps the most legit method of identifying the fake naira note. Some features embedded in the naira notes are not visible to the eyes unless they are held up under a mercury bulb. These features are difficult to counterfeit and are therefore only present in genuine naira notes. When placed under the rays of a mercury bulb, a glowing numeral figure of the note appears across the note in the background.

It will be recalled that President Muhammadu Buhari, on November 23, 2022, unveiled the redesigned naira notes. even though the new notes were released into circulation on December 15, 2022.

SOURCE: News Brief Nigeria

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