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102 Children: Finally, Farmer With 568 Grandkids Chooses to Stop Having Children

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Lusaka, Uganda – A Ugandan farmer, Musa Hasahya who has 12 wives and 102 children—along with 568 grandchildren—has finally made his decision to stop having children at all.

Musa Hasahya, 67, has now requested that his wives utilize birth control, so they can afford to purchase food and take care of the large family.

He told The Sun, in an interview, that his income has become lower over the years due to the rising cost of living and that his family has become bigger.

Musa Hasahya, Farmer With 102 Kids 568 Grandkids Chooses to Stop Having Children
102 Children: Finally, Farmer With 568 Grandkids Chooses to Stop Having Children | Image: Daily Mail

Talking about his polygamous belief, he said: “I married one woman after another. How can a man be satisfied with one woman?”

Polygamy is accepted here – Musa Hasahya

Mr. Hasahya and his family reside in Lusaka, Uganda, where polygamy is widely accepted and practised.

He claimed that he keeps all his wives together in one home so that he can watch them and prevent them from hanging with other men.

He said: “All my wives live together in the same house. It’s easy for me to monitor them and also stop them eloping with other men in this village.”

No more children for me, says Mr. Hasahya’s youngest wife

Zulaika, his youngest wife and the mother of 11 of his children, announced that, she would no longer bear any child after realizing how financially precarious the family is at this time.

In her words: “I’m not having any more children. I’ve seen the bad financial situation and am now taking the birth control pill.”

But there, the use of contraceptives is debatable and frequently associated with promiscuity.

Mr. Hasahya works with his members of family in his farm

Mr. Hasayha lives with about a third of his children, who range in age from six to 51 in his farm.

His eldest child is 21 years older than his youngest wife, Daily Mail gathered.

Due to his health issues, he is unable to work anymore, and two of his wives have left him due to financial strain.

Why we abduct 90 Yauri students – Bandit Kingpin

In another report, Dogo Gide, a known bandit lord, asserts that he organised the abduction of staff and students of the Federal Government College in Birnin Yauri, Kebbi State, in order to chastise the “government” for breaking a promise it made.

Around 90 children and staff were abducted from the school last year when the terrorists forced their way inside.

While the majority of the victims were rescued by the Kebbi State Government, some of them were able to escape the camp themselves.


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