Monday, June 3, 2024

Insurgency: Boko Haram Fled-off As ISWAP Stormed Camp

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The terrorist group advocating false to lure people to Islam through Jihad, who conquered some parts of Borno state (Boko Haram) fled off their camp after an attack by Iswap.

In an operation led by Ba’ana Chingori, the Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) stormed their stronghold camp in Gaizuwa, Bama local government Area of Borno.

The operation was believed to be revenge against Boko Haram who also fought the Iswap members to revenge in the early days of the month where they killed their commander Malam Aboubakar (Munzir), killed 33 wives and other 15 fighters.

The deadly attack which was drive by a 25-year-old Ali Ngulde who is a notorious JAS commander and 5 fighters consisting of Muke from Mandara Mountain, Ali Ghana, from Ngauri, Abbah Tukur from Mantari, Maimusari, Abu Isa, and one other (name unknown), has led to killing of many of ISWAP.

However, this time, it was reported that the terrified Boko Haram fighters fled off their camp when Ba’ana and a dozens fighters attacked, carrying massive weapons including trucks mounted with anti air craft guns.

It was said the fighting militants were about 320 in numbers, where 250 were holding AK47 guns, 8 vehicles and a minimum of
50 motorcycles.

An insurgency and security analyst expert, Zagazoka Makama who lives in Lake Chad and monitored the battle, said the Boko Hara fighters took on their heels after they discovered their strength, leaving women and Children behind.

Addressing his fighters, Ba’ana warned them against hurting the women and children, an action that got many surprised.

“We should not hurt their women to revenge what they did to us, he said going in to describe them (Boko Haram) as ” Cowards.”

Furthermore, he vowed that no matter and wherever they run, they’ll find them and fight them.

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