Thursday, October 12, 2023

Fans React as Popular Singer Vows to Walk “Naked” if Obi Wins at Tribunal

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Nigerian singer and social activist Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy has taken to social media and made a post that caused a lot of controversy among Nigerians.

The singer has made his intention clear in a social media post to walk out naked on the streets if Labour Party candidate Peter Obi wins at the election petitions tribunal.

Following the presidential election conducted on 25th Feb 2023 where President Bola Tinubu was declared winner, Labour Party candidate Peter Obi and his counterpart Atiku Abubakar from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have dragged the matter to court, challenging Tinubu’s victory.

Since then, the latter, his party and the people from the southeast have seem to be too extreme and anxious for Obi to become victorious at the election petition tribunal.

Charly Boy who is also a native of the southeastern states, recently took to his Twitter handle to show how curious he is to see Obi winning at the tribunal, promising to walk naked.

The singer wrote “When Tribunal announce say Peter Obi don win even before the case reach Supreme Court, wetin you go do dat day?

“For me, I go naked waka from one end of Bodillon to Falomo [sic].

However, the post didn’t go unnoticed as several Nigerian users react.

One user was saying “I would take the camera and to dey follow you, we must have party. May dat day come quickly.”

Another user is saying “Before nko, that’s what you like doing, been naked even in front of teenagers.”

Another one says “Chay Boy is not sure of Obi winning, otherwise he could have changed his mind.”

Despite the comments, it seems like Charly Boy may not look naked if it’s for the judge to declare his candidate victorious.

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